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About Montserrat

About Montserrat

The island of Montserrat, approximately 39 square miles or 100 square kilometers in size, lies in the Eastern Caribbean. It forms part of what are called the Lesser Antilles.

Montserrat is the only country outside of Ireland that celebrates St. Patrick‘s Day as a national holiday, is a lush green and mountainous island in the Eastern Caribbean.

This British overseas territory boasts the spectacular Soufrière Hills Volcano, a modern day Pompeii in the form of its buried former capital city Plymouth, alongside lush, green mountains, world class nature trails, deserted dark sand beaches, untouched reefs and a quiet friendly charm reminiscent of the way the Caribbean used to be. For more information on Montserrat and its breathtaking scenery and unspoiled, unpolluted coral and volcanic vistas, visit www.visitmontserrat.com.

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