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Modern Montserrat

Montserrat remains a dependent colony of Great Britain despite a desire for independence on the part of many residents. The British appoint a governor who oversees the affairs of the island with the participation of an Executive and locally elected Legislative council. There are two main political parties; the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and the People’s Liberation Movement (PLM).

The island of Montserrat and its people have survived in the face of several catastrophic events. In 1989 hurricane Hugo destroyed many of the homes and buildings on the island. The challenges of developing a stable, diverse and prosperous economy persist. The Soufriere Hills volcano erupted in 1995 and remains active to this day. A major eruption of the volcano in the late 1990’s led to the destruction of the capital city of Plymouth and the evacuation and relocation of many Montserratians.

Yet today, many residents displaced by the volcanic activity have returned to the island. The Southern part of the island, including Plymouth is still uninhabitable. The people of Montserrat however persevere and a significant number have relocated to and developed the Northern part of the island. The “Emerald Isle” of the Caribbean endures in the face of these adversities and several waves of emigration of many of its inhabitants in the last century.

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