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 Montserrat Progressive Society of New York CrestThe Montserrat Progressive Society of New York, Inc., may well be the oldest continuously functioning organization of its kind. Established in 1914, MPS-NY, Inc., is a member driven charitable organization committed to dealing with issues of mutual concern to Montserratians and the Caribbean-American community-at-large. For more than 95 years, this body has addressed the needs of Montserrat and Montserratians.

We have been able to:

  • Provide education scholarships to students
  • Donate the first school bus to the Montserrat Secondary School
  • Donate the first batch of uniforms to the Montserrat Fire Department
  • Provide a meeting and social support place for expatriate Montserratians, at a time when live-in domestic servitude and cutting sugar cane were the recognized means of “Coming to America”
  • Pursue philanthropic efforts through annual grant contributions to such organizations that reflect the values and concerns of the Society
  • Annually, recognize individuals whose professional and social commitment embody the ideals of the Society
  • Actively support and interact with kindred organizations to maintain and perpetuate the format
  • Create a secondary partnership with Oswego, the sister city to Montserrat, established through Partners-of-the-Americas.

The home office since 1924, is the Montserrat Building at 207 West 137th Street, New York City. Presently, the Society is actively pursing efforts to provide volcano disaster relief to Montserratians

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