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President's Message - March/April 2011

Members and friends of the Montserrat Progressive Society of New York,

I am truly grateful for the support given to me and my family, in the passing of my mother Diana White, and my daughter, Lori M. White. Due to your familyness, if there is such a word, we were able to, with God’s blessings, withstand, and we give Glory to the Almighty God.

However, we must go on, as life is still in motion. We must not stand still. There is much work to be done.

As you all know, for the upcoming Mothers’ Day event, we are focusing on giving back to some of the needy institutions at home in Montserrat. This is what we should do if we are to live up to our name, and we will. Therefore, I am asking everyone to get on board, and let us be who we say we are. We have a responsibility mandated by God, to look after the needy. Let us not fail to do so!

Llewellyn White

President, Montserrat Progressive Society New York, Inc.

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