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21st Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Today, the distinguished honor and pleasure is mine to welcome one and all to this 21st Mother’s Day Celebration. I want you to know that your continual support speaks volume of who you are and how much you care about the homeland. Our sincere thanks to you again.

Our sincere thanks to our Honorees for graciously accepting the invitation to be with us today. We have with us today, the Honorable Sarita Weekes Francis, the Deputy Governor of Montserrat - the first honor bestowed on a local Montserratian - who has served the Government and people of Montserrat for over forty years. She is an extraordinary person who performs her role with humility and integrity.

Special Honoree Rev. Canon Franklyn Reid, Priest in charge of St Mary’s Parish, Antigua and beloved former Rector at St Luke’s Episcopal Church in the Bronx. A Man of God who has given “love” a prominent place in his heart for others. He knows that love is kind, and that there is no place for injustice. He is kind and compassionate to his members and the wider community, both at home and abroad. Just remember that truth is marching on, hold on. Thank you. We celebrate also the life and legacy of Centenarians, Mrs. Margaret Ann Greer and would mention also Mr. William Lindsay.

The Montserrat Progressive Society of New York has been in existence since 1914 and we applaud the tenacity to keep on going. In just about another year and a half we will be celebrating the 100th existence of the Organization. We applaud all those that have toiled to reach this milestone. Its History is in your Journal, please take some time to read it and let us know how you can be a part of the Centennial Celebration in 2014. During its history our predecessors supported many worthy projects on the island of Montserrat and was the main point of communication for Montserratians in the earlier days. We will never forget their sacrifices. We want to continue the tradition in whatever way we can, whether by sending wheelchairs, health products, etc. to our homeland. One of the projects that we would like to do this year is to send a wheel-chair equipped bus to Montserrat, at an estimated cost for purchasing and shipping to the island of around $33,000. This is a very necessary transportation that will serve both old and young. Thank you for participating in this project and may God truly bless you.

My thanks to all the members of the community who have supported us continuously throughout the years by contributing to our Journal and attending the Mother’s Day celebration. Please also familiarize yourself with our website as printed in the Journal for all of our activities and events. Special thanks to the Mother’s Day Committee for their hard work and dedication, Vera E Weekes, Vice President and Co-chair, Malika Barber Co-chair, Mary Kirnon, Maudelyn Johnson and Shauna Tuitt. And special thanks to Leon Barber for donating his photographic and video recording services. Thank you all once again.

Llewellyn White

President, Montserrat Progressive Society New York, Inc.

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