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The Education and Scholarship Committee was established in 1940 during the presidency of George James, to raise funds for scholarships to students in Montserrat. Twenty-four years later, this committee spearheaded the Society’s efforts that provided thefirst school bus to Montserrat Secondary School. In special recognition of his efforts as chairperson, Miriam Chambers established the Noel C. Chambers Scholarship Fund at Carver Federal Savings Bank. The Society subsequently renamed the account in her honor and in memory of her efforts.

MPS-NY, Inc., now offers scholarships through the generosity of the Noel C. & Miriam Chambers Scholarship Fund for Montserrat Progressive Society of New York, Inc. The fund is maintained and supported by the Society. Public contributions are an integral part of our scholarship efforts. The committee has since been renamed, the Education/Newsletter Committee.

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