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The purpose of awarding scholarships is to assist Montserratians and Caribbean-American students in their endeavor to achieve an education beyond the high school level. Scholarships will be awarded to those students who demonstrate academic ability, financial need and have the potential to succeed in their chosen field(s).


Awards are available to one young man and one young woman of Montserratian or Caribbean-American descent graduating and college bound. 

Materials Requested of Applicants

  1. Completed MonDEF Scholarship Application
  2. Copy of your most recent transcript
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation:
    1. One from school official
    2. One from a community leader, religious representative or employer
  4. Copy of your and your parent’s/guardian’s most recent W-2 Form, if applicable. Family may explain extenuating circumstances.
  5. Copy of most recent Student Aid Report (SAR).


To be an eligible for a MonDEF scholarship award, the applicant must:

  • Be from Montserrat or of Caribbean-American descent
  • Have a 3.0 GPA or “80” or above high school average

  • Be active in extra-curricular activity, do volunteer work, have a part-time job and/or be active in a community organization (.i.e. church).

  • Be admitted to a Baccalaureate Degree program at an accredited institution by the fall semester.


Chair, Education & Scholarships Committee
Montserrat Progressive Society of New York, Inc.
207 West 137th Street
New York, NY 10030-2425

Contact education@mpsofny.org for more additional information.

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