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Monday, June 06, 2011

Report on the 20th Annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza

mother's day extravaganza 2011Special thanks to the committee members: Eileen Allen, Malika Barber Sweeney, Mary Kirnon, Maudelyn Johnson and Llewellyn White. Special congratulations and thanks to all the members and friends who sold dinner tickets, some twenty plus, those who are always faithful with their Patrons page, and their advertisements. Also thanks to each and everyone  who faithfully patronized the event in your own way. Everyone and every effort is greatly appreciated, without which there would be no Mother’s Day Extravaganza.

As we continue to celebrate our honorees each year, we are asking that each member do a little more. If each member were to send in a patron page of at least 10 names, that would amount to a quarter page in the Journal, that would be minimum effort. You can start collecting the list of names now at your family gatherings, social events, church and work community, and family events.  You do not have to wait until Mother’s Day event next year to begin the effort. You can also reach out to the businesses that you patronize to advertise in the Journal. We need all hands on deck, your effort will enable us to assist the wider community at home and abroad.

Again grateful thanks to my dear sisters, brothers and friends.

May God richly bless each and everyone.

-Vera Weekes, Chair, Mother’s Day Extravaganza 2011

Vera Weekes

Vice President, Montserrat Progressive Society New York, Inc.

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