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Why a five-year countdown?


So the primary question is, why is it taking longer than the first term of America’s first black president to plan and implement the Centennial celebrations MPS-NY, Inc.? 


Here’s the short answer: we want to do it right!  The longer answer will be on this site on an ongoing basis.  Please be willing to submit questions, suggestions and ideas.  Our efforts depend on your support.


For example, one notion that has been met with significant enthusiasm is for the Society to prepare a “history” book or booklet.  Something that helps us chronicle the various decades, from the perspective of Montserratians, hoping to fit in American “society.”  


Another idea is to involve kindred organizations (from Canada, England, the Caribbean and throughout the United States), some of which may have “spun-off” from MPS.


How do we finance such an extended effort?  We hope to get major corporate support to underwrite our expenses and, of course, the “in-kind” support of members and friends.


Celebrating 100 years is a huge and very necessary undertaking!  We have some ideas and hope for lots more!  Please be willing to submit your thoughts and ideas!  Please contact the Society. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

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