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Friday, April 12, 2013

FYI: Bank of Montserrat Sale of Shares

Important information regarding Bank of Montserrat and it's shareholders.

The gist is that the Bank is seeking to shore up their capitalization through the sale of shares. Shares are on sale starting today 4/9/13. All Dollars are EC$.

  1. The existing shareholders through various stock splits and other mechanisms will be getting 30 shares for each share that they now own. The shares will be valued at $5.00 per share. This is a very good thing for these shareholders.
  2. These shareholders will have 15 days to exercise an option to purchase 1 share for each on they now own (after the 30 for 1) at $5.00.
  3. If they fail to exercise the option it goes in a pool and they will be sold at $6.00 per share.
  4. New shares will be sold at $7.50 to the public.
  5. There are new rules, one of which is the fact that dividends will be paid each year at a certain payout of the Bank's profits.

This is a very good offer and it is very important for them to go to www.bankofmontserrat.ms and read the prospectus and subscribe before the expiration date. If they purchase after it will cost them 50% more to buy.

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